Metropolis, Sample Rich

-3387, -6124 Tatooine

Mayor George Bailey

We are a small community devoted to help others. We have in house Doctors for Buffing (Magnuls, Dasha, and Seareca). No "afk" buffing here. They prefer a hands on approach and sit with you to discuss all your needs. We have a awesome place for gathering in our cantina. Great for lounging, and grinding Medic/Doc/Ent!!! In house entertainers feature the great Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Naadia.... With Miss Pryia, for your burning needs. We have trainers with Imperial, Rebel, and regular mission terminals. Which are strategically placed on the east and west sides of the city with the shuttleport smack in the middle. So if you are doing grind missions grab East, and you could grab missions from New Mos Alianza West coming back. It's perfectly flat between us. So come see us sometime... Add me (George) or Lynyrd to your friends list. With over 1 and 1/2yrs Bloodfin experience and SWG "Live" memebers since Beta, we would be able to help you with almost anything you may need.

Also 1985m away from the Cnet Travel Hub in New Mos Alianza.