Bounty Hunter

Bounty Hunters chase the worst foes in the galaxy. You will learn to use whatever dirty tricks you must to bring your prey down. Tracking down and eliminating people are what Bounty Hunters do best. As a Bounty Hunter, you must learn the tricks of ambush and assault so your prey does not escape.

Droid Tracking

Bounty Hunters are given the ability to use Droids to track and capture their marks. As they progess in their profession, the Bounty Hunter gains better ability in using these droids.

  • Droid Precision
  • Droid Speed
  • Tracking Droids
  • Tracking Droid Effectiveness
  • Droid Tracking Speed

Terrain Negotiation

With certain levels, the Bounty Hunter gains greater ability to negotiate terrain. These are the levels and the amount of Terrain Negotiation granted to the Bounty Hunter:

  • Level 1 - Bounty Hunter Fundamentals I +25 Terrain Negotiation
  • Level 18 - Bounty Hunter Fundamentals VI +25 Terrain Negotiation (50 total)
  • Level 65 - Bounty Hunter Expertise VI +5 Terrain Negotiation (55 total)
  • Level 90 - Master Bounty Hunter +10 Terrain Negotiation (65 total)

Mission Terminals

In order to acquire missions a Bounty Hunter must visit a Bounty Hunter mission Terminal.
These terminals will list potential marks.

  • Coronet, Corellia: -220 -4470 and -195 -4470
  • Doaba Guerfel, Corellia: 3166 5338
  • Tyrena, Corellia: -5130 -2300 and -5060 -2306
  • Imperial Prison, Dathomir: -6335 930
  • Smuggler Outpost, Endor: -905 1610
  • Kaadara, Naboo: 5190 6673 and 4928 6728
  • Keren, Naboo: 2085 2575
  • Dearic, Talus: 265 -3070
  • Bestine, Tatooine: -1445 -3658
  • Mos Eisley, Tatooine: 3375 -4845

As the Bounty Hunter progresses in their profession, their marks also become more difficult.

  • CL 1 (Bounty Hunter Fundamentals I): +1 to Bounty Mission Difficulty
  • CL 42 (Bounty Hunter Essentials VI): +1 to Bounty Mission Difficulty (2 total)
  • CL 82 (Bounty Hunter Mastery IV): +1 to Bounty Mission Difficulty (3 total)

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