Growing Stronger? Killing your Enemy? Maybe these can help you achieve your true potential!  This vendor requires ' Bloodfin PVP trophy'


Restuss, Rori

5254 5531

'This vendor requires ' Bloodfin PVP trophy


5 Bloodfin PVP Tokens

  • A 1 Handed 5-Gen Saber Schematic
    • 1 Handed 5-Gen Saber Schematic
    • Polearm 5-Gen Saber Schematic
    • 2 Handed 5-Gen Saber Schematic
    • SFOR Carbine Schematic (Republic SFOR)
    • Quicktrigger Pistol Schematic
    • Genosian Blaster Schematic
    • Genosian DXR6 Schematic
  • A Polearm 5-Gen Saber Schematic
  • A 2 Handed 5-Gen Saber Schematic
  • A SFOR Carbine Schematic
  • A Quicktrigger Pistol Schematic
  • A Geonisian Blaster Schematic
  • A Genosian DXR6 Schematic

10 Bloodfin PVP Tokens

  • Darth Plagueis' Ring
    • Darth Plagueis' Ring
    • A'Sharad Hett's Arm of Ressurection
    • Cybernetic Torso Shield Generator
    • Cybernetic Legs of Speed
  • A'Sharad Hett's Arm of Ressurection
  • A Cybernetic Torso Shield Generator
  • A Cybernetic Legs of Speed

15 Bloodfin PVP Tokens

  • A Cloak of Hate
    • Cloak of Hate
    • Shatterpoint Cloak
    • Sith Speeder
  • A Shatterpoint Cloak
  • A Sith Speeder Deed

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