The Fencer is a lighting fast attacker who specializes in hit and run combat.

Fencers have fairly weak defenses making them less than ideal for standing toe to toe with their opponent. Fencers have various abilities that help them reduce their need to stay within range of their target.

Skill Points

This profession requires 106 skill points to master, 43 of which go towards prerequisites.

Role Summary

  • Primary Role - Close Range DoT Specialist - Bleeds
  • Secondary Role - Close Range Crowd Control - Position Control
  • Offense - Strong
  • Defense - Weak
  • Crowd Control - Moderate


  • Stun Baton

Skill Mods

  • Melee Defense
  • Ranged Defense
  • One-Handed Weapon Speed
  • One-Handed Weapon Accuracy
  • General Melee Accuracy
  • General Melee Speed
  • One-Handed Melee Defense

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