In Memory of those whom we have lost along the way. You have touched our lives in many ways in game and out, and we miss you.

Departed but never forgotten from us, we miss you all......

There is a house in Lake Rose, Naboo 5284 1335 with Eternal Flames that has their names, and Guilds on them that has stood since the game went live Aug 7, 2013.

There also is a Memory Garden on Corellia outside of Cnet. -176 -4874.

  • In Memory of Those We Have Lost house, Lake Rose, Naboo
  • Eternal Flames with their Names and guilds
  • Eternal Flames with their Names and Guilds
  • Memory Garden in Cnet



Pffocco Teivu

Blackk Label



Danaea Tullaris

Chris "Gink" Gaylord


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