La Villa Strangiato

Metropolis, Research Center

-1059, 1723 - Tatooine

Mayor Ziee Fouroux

Other contact- Deev

Villa La Strangiato (a nod to Rush, Deev’s favorite band) lies just east of Mos Espa in the same location as the player city Wolves Den from the Intrepid server. Deev and I (Ziee) founded the city on June 14, 2015 not long after starting to play on Bloodfin. We have tried to give the city a very Tatooine feel with the structures and decor that we have placed (and hope to maybe one day bribe a Dev into dropping a Sarlaac for us). Villa La Strangiato is a Research Metropolis and hosts a public crafting house sponsored by Bach GmbH. We plan to one day have vendors stocked with crafting food and drink, crafting tools, and possibly even some server best resources. While we aren't actively looking to recruit citizens, we are open to allowing people to move within city limits (granted, that new citizens adhere to the Tatooine structure vibe). We also offer other amenities such as a cloning facility, shuttleport, garage bank, and various mission terminals.

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