Lake Rose
  • Lake Rose City Hall
  • Lake Rose Banshee Dungeon
  • City Hall
  • City Hall
  • Cantina

Metropolis, Research Center

5252, 1419 Naboo

Mayor Rose

About Lake Rose

Lake Rose is in the original location that Lake Dread was on "live" Bloodfin which was the home of AXIS.  Events are held in the main square.


Lake Rose holds 2 very special features. Next to the Cantina is the In Memory of.. those we have lost house. Inside the house holds torches of the names, and guilds of players to which are no longer with us. Lake Rose also holds the dungeon Lake Rose Banshee.



  • Just message me in game to change or add any trainers you need*

Mission Terminals

  • Artistan
  • Entertainer
  • Explorer
  • Imperial
  • Mission
  • Rebellion

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