Nothing like a good blaster on your side, especially in such a war-torn galaxy.

Marksman Professions

  • Bounty Hunter
  • Carbineer
  • Commando
  • Pistoleer
  • Rifleman
  • Smuggler
  • Squad Leader

Skill Points

This profession requires 77 skill points to master.

Base Skills

Ranged Weapons

The first three branches in Marksman teach players how to use rifles, pistols, and carbines, respectively. Each branch contains the specials to increase combat effectivess. While CDEF weapons are basically the same, pistols generally are fast with low damage at close range, rifles are slower with high damage at long range, and carbines are in between.

  • Rifles
  • Pistols
  • Carbines

Ranged Weapon Support Abilities

Marksmen also learn combat support abilities that can be useful in combat. These include posture changing attacks and valuable defense mods. The Ranged Support branch is required for almost every elite ranged profession.

Skill Mods

  • Carbine Accuracy
  • Carbine Defense
  • Carbine Speed
  • General Ranged Accuracy
  • General Ranged Speed
  • Melee Defense
  • Pistol Accuracy
  • Pistol Defense
  • Pistol Speed
  • Ranged Defense
  • Rifle Accuracy
  • Rifle Defense
  • Rifle Speed

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