Master Shipwright Quest

Master Shipwright Quest

Step 1

Collect 3750 units of Iron, Aluminum, Radioactive, and Steel

Step 2

Construct 75 Mark I Engines

Step 3

Go to the Entrance of the Coronet Spaceport, on the left side (looking at the Spaceport) is a Galactic Shipwright Master NPC. Radial the NPC and Choose:

Master Shipwright >> Master Shipwright

Your engines will be collected from your MAIN inventory and you will be ported a Starship.

Step 4

Use the Blue Frog to attain Master Shipwright. You will receive the title and badge as well.

Step 5

Follow the Hallway to the Docking Bay of the Ship, there will be AT-AT's and Lambda Shuttles inside.

Step 6

Go to the other side of the Docking Bay to a Lambda Shuttle with the Droideka in front of it. Click on the Droideka to be ported back to Coronet. You are now in front of the Coronet Spaceport with your new skill, title, and badge.


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