The Musician profession is a performance enhancing profession. As entertainers, they have the ability to provide an inspirational buff to other players as well as themselves.

What sets musicians apart from entertainers is that musicians are able to:

  • Use more instruments
  • Play more songs
  • Can apply inspiration buffs more quickly
  • Dazzle other players with effects
  • Can place cantinas and theaters.

To level in Musician you need to play music, perform flourishes, and have people listen to you.

You will recieve experience every 10 seconds while you are performing, and you will recieve even more experience if you are in a group of musicians (a band). Do flourishes to increase the amount of experience you are awarded. To maximize your experience while performing you, as a musician, should be either performing your highest level song, OR be using your highest level instrument. (Join a group even if they are playing a song well below your highest level song - just be sure to use your highest level instrument.)

Musicians perform several different songs with various instruments to heal and buff. Flourish up playing

music to heal wounds and buff! This is a personal preference to many, choose the song and instrument you like best! It is a personal preference, so choose wisely as you’ll be listening to the music often.

Go up the Musical Knowledge line first to gain access to the higher songs and instruments. For the Entertainer Healing lines it doesn’t really matter. However, you should go up either one all the way before starting the other, that way you can earn more XP for more proficient healing and bank more XP if you’re AFK for extended periods of time


Helpful macros

Entertainer Macros


Vendor that has items you can purchase for your toon

Entertainment Exchange Vendor

Skill Mods

  • Music Knowledge
  • Musical Enhancement
  • Instrument Assembly


  • Bandfill
  • Chidinkalu Horn
  • Kloo Horn
  • Nalagron
  • Ommni Box
  • Traz