The Quarren were squid-like with four facial tentacles which protruded from their lower jaw. They had a pair of deep, turquoise eyes and finned hands with suction-tipped fingers. As an amphibious species, they were strong swimmers and could also squirt clouds of ink as a defensive

measure. They were also bipedal beings that could walk and sit upright.


  • Health:  +0
  • Strength:  +0
  • Constitution:  +250
  • Action:  +250
  • Quickness:  +300
  • Stamina:  +0
  • Mind:  +100
  • Focus:  +0
  • Willpower:  +0

Quarren Species Features

  • Wound Healing (Dancing):  +15
  • Wound Healing (Music):  +5
  • Battle Fatigue (Dancing)  +15
  • Battle Fatigue (Music):  +5

The aggressive Quarren shared their homeworld of Mon Cala with the more peaceful Mon Calamari, another amphibious species. Around the time of the Trade Federation's Invasion of Naboo, a Quarren Senator named Tikkes represented Mon Cala in the Galactic Republic's Senate. During the Separatist Crisis Tikkes defected to the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and was replaced in Galactic Senate by the Quarren loyalist Tundra Dowmeia.

During the Clone Wars, the Separatists, acting through the Karkarodon advisor Riff Tamson, stirred up trouble between the Quarren and the Mon Calamari. Following the assassination of the Mon Calamari King Yos Kolina, the Quarren led by Chieftain Nossor Ri contested his son Prince Lee Char's claim to the throne. With the encouragement of Tamson, Ri called for new leadership and a chance for Quarren to rule Mon Cala. This led to a civil war on Mon Cala with the Separatists backing the Quarren Isolation League and the Republic supporting the Mon Calamari. Prior to the outbreak of fighting, Senator Padme Amidala and her Jedi bodyguard Anakin Skywalker visited Mon Cala city in attempt to broker peace between the two warring species.

However, the Quarren launched a preemptive strike on Mon Cala City with Separatist Aqua droids but were repelled by the Mon Calamari's Jedi and Clone allies. The Quarren then counter-attacked with  Hydroid Medusaes, gigantic jellyfish with electrified tentacles, which succeeded in overwhelming the Mon Calamari and Republic allies and capturing the capital. The remaining Mon Calamari and Jedi forces were forced to retreat. Despite the victory, Ri was uneasy with his new Separatist allies after Tamson complied with  Count Dooku's orders to enslave the Mon Calamari population.

Quarren forces then participated in a manhunt for several enemy fugitives including Prince Lee-Char, Senator Amidala, Skywalker, and the Jedi Ahsoka Tano and Kit Fisto. Despite resistance from the fugitives and the arrival of Gungan reinforcements, the Quarren and Tamson's Separatist forces succeeded in capturing the fugitives. However, the Quarren-Separatist alliance fell apart after Nossor Ri learned that Tamson intended to crown himself as the new ruler of Mon Cala. Ri foiled Tamson's plot to execute Prince Lee-Char, who wanted to restore relations between the Mon Calamari and Quarren. The Quarren then joined forces with their former Mon Calamari, Republic, Jedi, and Gungan allies in expelling the Separatist invaders from Mon Cala. Following the death of Tamson, the Quarren accepted Lee-Char as the new King of Mon Cala.

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