Most of the skill mods from Scout are increased in Ranger, in addition to some new mods and abilities. Rangers fulfill the unique niche to be able to track creatures, NPC's, and players who have been in the area recently. They are also able to camouflage other players, which works similar to mask scent, but is unique to the planet. Finally, Rangers are the most efficient at gathering creature resources, and can make good money selling eggs, milk, and meat to Chefs and Bio-Engineers, and hides to Tailors and Armorsmiths. Rangers often have an elite combat profession in order to be effective.

Skill Points

This profession requires 140 skill points to master.

Skill Mods

  • Burst Run Efficiency
  • Camouflage
  • Camping
  • Creature Harvesting
  • Creature Knowledge
  • Creature To-Hit Bonus
  • Foraging
  • Melee Defense
  • Ranged Defense
  • Rescue
  • Terrain Negotiation
  • Trapping


  •  High Quality Camp Kit
  •  Field Base Kit
  •  High Tech Field Base Kit
  •  Camo Kit: Corellia
  •  Camo Kit: Naboo
  •  Camo Kit: Tatooine
  •  Camo Kit: Rori
  •  Camo Kit: Talus
  •  Camo Kit: Dantooine
  •  Camo Kit: Yavin
  •  Camo Kit: Endor
  •  Camo Kit: Lok
  •  Camo Kit: Dathomir
  •  Flash Bomb
  •  Sonic Pulse